Celebration event hosted by Halton Mental Health Support Team raises funds for Mersey Cares!

28 March 2024

A celebration event organised by Halton Mental Health Support Team (MHST) has raised funds for Mersey Cares as well as treating local school children to a movie and cinema goody bag.

Earlier this year, the team hosted their first celebration event at Reel Cinema in Widnes, with attendees from local schools enjoying a viewing of animated film, Migration. The event, which was attended by children and their parents or carers, was organised as a thank you to pupils for their involvement in participation and feedback with the service provided within schools. It was a great success and received positive feedback from those who attended.

The event was also an opportunity to raise the profile of our Mersey Cares charity, made possible thanks to the MHST and cinema teams displaying our Mersey Cares charity posters and collection boxes throughout the event and for a short time afterwards.

Thanks to the kind donations to our charity boxes, £47.25 was raised for Mersey Cares, which will go towards supporting our communities.

Cinema Event Compilation.png

A Conversation Starter

Whilst the celebration event itself was not funded by the charity, the planning of it started a conversation between Mersey Cares and the Mental Health Support Team about how our charity can support their service in the future.

Peter Styzaker, MHST Manager, initially got in touch with us to see if we’d like to share our posters and charity boxes at the event – an opportunity to promote our latest fundraising challenges and charity information. This led to a Teams call and discussion of how Mersey Cares might be able to support the MHST in future – with some great ideas exchanged.

One suggestion is the provision of cinema tickets for older school children to provide an opportunity for them to socialise with friends outside of school and support their wellbeing.

“It has been really helpful to get a better understanding of the Mersey Cares Charity and how it can be promoted at our events. We were able to display posters and locate charity boxes at the venue where we held our participation celebration event. The cinema is happy to continue to support the cause too.

“We spoke about the possibility of the charity contributing to future events such as supplying prizes for the children and young people as a further thank you for their engagement and participation in improving our service. We look forward to working together again to promote both teams.”

Peter Styzaker, MHST Manager

We look forward to working together in the future.

Watch this space…

*Thanks again to Reels Cinema and to the MHST for supporting Mersey Cares so we can continue to support our communities, and to those who made a donation. If you would like to make a donation you can do so below. Thank you.