Dementia friendly door wraps

Funding has allowed the instalment of dementia friendly door wraps on bedroom doors to support patients to distinguish their own room

Dementia friendly doors wraps for all bedrooms on ward to support patients to better distinguish their bedroom

Fern Ward at Leigh Moss Hospital hosts Older people’s in patient services and provides a 16-bed dementia care unit to support patients needing further assessment and treatment from the multi-disciplinary team, working towards collaborative goals to support timely discharge.


Two people stood in front of coloured doorsWith the service moving into the building in December 2021, the corridors were long and clinical. Staff at the ward recognised that plain bedroom doors on a ward for people living with dementia can be particularly confusing to service users. They can inadvertently enter someone else’s room, causing disorientation, distress and sometimes incidents with other residents.

It uplifts both staff and carers too, makes the place feel loved” Sarah McKeown, Ward Manager

Predominantly aged 70+, patients are usually referred from crisis, such as following an A&E admission and they may need further assessment and support before discharge.

The ward has been able to purchase 16 dementia doors wraps for all bedrooms on the ward to support patients diagnosed with dementia to better distinguish their bedroom.

“It makes it more cheery and gives the corridors a bit of soul. People can connect the colours to their room, and it has helped prevent people from going into other patient rooms......we’re chipping away to make some real good improvements. we'd love a mural next for the prayer room.“  Laura Phalp, Clinical Psychologist

The purchase of the dementia friendly door wraps have supported patients at Fern ward to distinguish their own room, helping reduce anxiety and making them feel more at home on the ward.