Fundraising in schools

Get your school involved in a fundraising activity that will help us raise awareness and essential funds that allow us to do more good

Choose Mersey Cares as your charity of the year

If your school, house or class chooses a charity to support for the year, you can support our Mersey Care NHS Charity. Simply get in touch with our team and we would be happy to support you with your fundraising activities.

Fundraise in schools and help us to challenge stigma, break down social and structural barriers, and better serve the health needs of our communities so people keep well and living well at home for longer. 

Fundraising ideas

  • Host a bake sale
  • Coordinate a mile run 
  • Host a sponsored silence 
  • Host a talent contest or ‘battle of the bands’
  • Organise an Arts competition

Upcoming Dates

  • World Menopause Day: 18th October 2023 
  • International Stress Awareness Week: 30th October – 3rd November 2023
  • National Stress Awareness Day: 2nd November 2023 
  • National Self-Care Week: 13th – 19th November 2023
  • Carers Rights Day: 23rd November 2023
  • Time to talk Day:2nd February 2024
  • Children’s Mental Health Week: 13th – 20th February 2024
  • Eating Disorder Awareness Week: 26th February - 2nd March 2024
  • World Autism Acceptance Week: 25th – 31st March 2024