Our plans for the future

We want zero suicides. We want equal health and a life beyond services. We want to enhance support for carers. We want to reduce the pressure on NHS staff.

Together, we believe we can enhance and exceed expectations of the health, care and wellbeing available to the people we serve

As the dedicated charity for Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, we help our specialist mental health and community services do more by funding enhanced support, innovative projects, and services usually outside the scope of the NHS.

We want everyone in our communities to have good health and we plan to tackle the social and structural barriers that can get in the way. 

We fund projects that improve care and facilities for patients and communities across Cheshire and Merseyside and work alongside our staff to prioritise where funds are needed most. We support a range of innovative prevention and recovery programmes, aimed at tackling the social inequalities that all too often lead to poor health outcomes for the people living in our communities. 

We support the education and awareness surrounding mental health and suicide prevention to empower change within our communities. Through the Zero Suicide Alliance, we want to empower, educate, and equip individuals and organisations to support suicide awareness and prevention.

We want to extend innovative social support and recovery programmes to address social inequality, increase confidence, skills and connection to all and promote recovery beyond services within our communities. We want to develop new, innovate and collaborative social and community-based models to improve health, promote recovery and address further social factors such as housing, education, employment and social connection that can lead to heath deterioration.

We want to develop services that can help improve the emotional and physical wellbeing of carers within our communities We want to offer further support within our partner carer centres and offer practical resources and equipment for carers for their own self-care.

We want to support staff and volunteers struggling with their mental health, wellbeing and/or financial hardship by working collaboratively within our communities to provide essential services, funding things like intensive psychological support, spaces for exhausted staff to rest during busy shifts, training for volunteers and essential items for those in hardship.