Challenge yourself to ‘Step into Spring’ for Mersey Cares

3 April 2024

Enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of walking whilst raising money to support our communities

Are you ready to embrace the beauty of spring while making a positive impact? Lace up your walking shoes and join us for a 30-day challenge that supports wellbeing as well as helps us to raise money to support Mersey Cares’ mental health and community initiatives.

The best part? The challenge is your own and is open to all abilities and fitness levels: you can choose your own distance or one from the options we’ve suggested below – plus, you can get started at any point during the spring season.

Whilst our Step into Spring Challenge offers great enjoyment for individuals, it's also a fantastic opportunity for teams, workplaces, and schools to get involved in, achieving something wonderful together and supporting our local services. 

Register today to receive your free T-shirt and Step into Spring Fundraising Pack which includes social media assets, challenge tracker, fundraising tips and a couple of downloadable scavenger hunts. 

What are the benefits of walking?

Walking offers numerous benefits for physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing and is an activity that can be enjoyed without the need for expensive gym membership or equipment. Great for improving cardiovascular health, it strengthens muscles, and aids in weight management and also can boost our mood by releasing endorphins and reduces stress levels.

Walking outdoors will enable you to take in fresh air and sunlight, enhancing vitamin D levels and promoting better sleep patterns. It's also a great social activity, allowing time for us to connect with friends and family and even our pets.

Add to that the wonder of spring with all of its renewal, growth and pretty landscapes to behold and we’re sure you’ll agree it’s a winning combination to foster a greater sense of overall well-being. 

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Interested? Choose your Step into Spring Challenge

No distance is too short or too long when it comes to supporting a cause. When selecting a walk, it's crucial to consider your own fitness level and abilities. Choose a distance that presents a challenge, enough to raise funds effectively, yet manageable enough to complete without excessive strain. We want you to enjoy your challenge and the health benefits gained from walking. 

Stepping into Spring has something for everyone. Simply take a look at the suggestions below - or choose your own distance.

1. Little Steps Challenge

The perfect choice for those who can manage shorter distances or who want to build up to a greater distance. Our Little Steps Challenge invites participants to walk 20km over a 30-day period. This equates to around 600 metres per day or just under 5km per week (4.6km). 

2. 1K a Day Challenge

 Keep it simple and aim for 1 km a day! That's 7km per week, or 30k in 30 days. 

3. LEVEL UP Challenges

Want something a little more? How about stepping it up?

  • Level 1 - Step into Spring (50km) - walk 50km (approximately 31.07 miles) in 30 days, which is approximately 1.67 kilometres per day.

  • Level 2 - Step it up  (100km) - walk 100km (approximately 62.14 miles) in 30 days – which is approximately 3.33 km per day.

  • Level 3 - One Step Beyond (150km) - walk 150 km (approximately 93.21 miles) in 30 days –which is approximately 5 km per day.

4. Choose your own distance

Step into Spring at your own pace by setting your own distance. Your challenge, your way! 

Step into Spring Mersey Care Challenges

Walking and fundraising – the perfect partnership

Participating in a 30-day walking challenge for Mersey Cares is a great way to fundraise at your own pace whilst enjoying the many personal benefits that walking can offer. Whether you choose to walk on your own, or with friends or colleagues, your kids, the dog (or even your cat!) you’ll be making a huge difference to the lives of people across our communities.

Our charity supports the Zero Suicide Alliance – an initiative that provides FREE online suicide awareness and prevention training to people across the UK. Through stepping up for Mersey Cares this spring, you are supporting us to fund innovative projects and initiatives across our specialist, mental health and community services including ZSA and their potentially life-saving resources and training.

Step into Spring - useful information

How much does it cost to participate? It doesn't cost a thing - participating in Step into Spring is completely FREE -  this is your fundraiser and you can set this up to suit you. We just ask you to register your fundraiser with us so we can provide support and materials for your fundraising journey.

 Is there a fundraising target for the challenge? We encourage you to raise as much as you can to support people across our communities and so we ask for you to pledge to raise a minimum of £50 to support our work - however, should you not be able to meet this, it is not a requirement to take part and you can set your very own fundraising target.

Where and how do I complete my chosen distance?  Stepping into Spring is flexible and allows you to complete your distance anywhere and any way you choose. Just choose your starting date before the end of spring (21st June 2024) and keep a record of your distances.

How do I track my progress? You can track your progress using a fitness tracker or smartphone app such as Strava which is free to download and use, and allows you to track your activity and share your achievements.

How long does the challenge run for?  Step into Spring runs for the whole of the spring season - up until Friday 21 June 2024.

Keeping safe during your challenge: Throughout your challenge it's important to prioritise your safety and consider your fitness levels and ability when choosing a walking challenge. If you’re walking alone, it’s always a good idea to carry a charged phone and make someone aware of your location. Rest days may also be important – so factor these in if necessary, and remember to keep yourself hydrated, especially if we’re blessed with some warmer spring weather.

Next steps...

1. Register your spring fundraiser: If you'd like to join us for Stepping into Spring 2024,  we simply ask you to register your fundraiser throughout the spring season up until 21st June 2024. 

2. Set Your Goal: Decide on your walking distance goal for the 30-day challenge. Whether you're aiming for a stroll each day, a longer-distance hike on the weekends, or a mix of both, the choice is yours.

3. Start Walking! Begin your walking challenge whenever you're ready. It’s a great opportunity to discover new places in the area you live – or why not head out of town for a totally new adventure? We’d love to see photos of where you get to so please share them with us (

4.Track Your Progress: Keep track of your daily steps using a fitness tracker or smartphone app such as Strava, which is free to download. Watch as your progress accumulates over the 30 days and share your progress.

5.Share Your Journey: Share your Step into Spring challenge on social media using the following hashtags: #MoveItForMerseyCares #StepIntoSpring2024 and #MakeItMerseyCares

6.Raise Funds for Mersey Cares: As you embark on your walking journey, invite friends, family, and colleagues to support you by making donations or sponsoring your steps. All funds raised will directly benefit Mersey Cares Charity, enabling us to support our specialist, mental health and community services.

7.Celebrate Your Achievement! Upon completing the 30-day challenge, it's time to celebrate! Congratulations for reaching your target and for helping us to make a better tomorrow for the people we support.

Let's make strides for Mersey Cares!